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Any down sides to using an encrypted fs? [closed]

asked 2016-09-14 11:57:22 -0500

I'm about to migrate from F23 to F24 and I'm thinking about finally using an encrypted filesystem. Problem is tons of questions come to mind, like:

  1. Are there any (noticeable) performance issues? I notice my day to day routine "causes" a lot of disk I/O, so...
  2. Are there any applications that are "incompatible" with an encrypted filesystem? How about backup apps (e.g. Back In Time)?
  3. How about copying from encrypted to unencrypted? Can I just cp something to a pendrive as usual, for an example?

Sorry that I'm putting more than one question in the same post, but I'm just unsure. Can anyone provide some good reading or some straight answers?


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answered 2016-09-14 12:48:56 -0500

masteroman gravatar image

If you're thinking about encrypting your whole drive with LUKS at install time than none of these concerns pose problem. I am encrypting whole disk on my laptop for obvious reasons (if I loose it or it gets stolen) and haven't noticed any performance hits or problems.

  • Only thing that is different is that while booting it is prompting me for LUKS password and boot takes 5-10 seconds more than usual (last boot it took 6 seconds more by looking at systemd-analyze blame).
  • Since you're decrypting your drive at boot time there are no differences for applications since they interact with files as usual.
  • Copying from and to encrypted drive is basically also the same since you decrypt it while mounting.

I hope that answers all of your questions :-)

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Thank you so much. These were the answers I was looking for.

galvao gravatar imagegalvao ( 2016-09-14 13:42:33 -0500 )edit

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