Get Roland UA-M10 sound card to run

asked 2016-09-10 12:05:48 -0500

Good evening everyone, i have a little and maybe difficult question. But first i want to describe my environment. I'm using a Desktop-PC and a notebook with Fedora 24. In the past i bought some Beyerdynamics DT 880 and the seller recommended the sound card which name you can see in the title. I searched in the internet for drivers, installed all available alsa drivers on my Notebook (It war Fedora 23 back then) and hoped, that the sound card will at least work on my notebook. I went to the shop once again and tried to get it running. It worked somehow, but only with mp3 files, which doesn't makes sense to me. FLAC, ALAC or ACC files weren't played through the sound card. My question is now, is there any other open-source driver that could possibly installed in any way? The sound card is not in the official list from alsa for devices that are working with their drivers. Could anybody tell me, why mp3 files worked, but nothing else?

Faithfully, Alexander

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