Mouse clicks only work on certain things!

asked 2016-09-08 12:18:55 -0500

pandamoaningum gravatar image

When I try to click only certain things will work responsively. If I mouse over "activities" the dock bar comes up but when I move over the icons with my cursor none of them enlarge like they did before when the mouse worked. And when I'me browsing the programs the same happens. However, when I mouse over the activities I then take over with my keyboard to search for and launch an application. It launches and I am able to click things in the window, even drag them around, but if I open another app I can click on it but the previous one won't accept clicks unless I go back into the search and reselect the app with my keyboard. This popped up out of nowhere after I stopped using fedora for a few months. Any ideas? I was able to upgrade to 24 but the mouse issue persists. Thanks in advance.

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