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fstab still doesnt work on f16

asked 2012-05-13 01:52:42 -0500

la7low gravatar image

Hi All, I can mount a network drive with mount without problem: mount -t cifs // /media/NAS I can see the files afterwards. I put the following to fstab for automount: // /media/NAS cifs defaults 0 0 but the network share is not mounted after restart.

I also modified the /etc/fstab line to: "// /media/NAS cifs guest,_netdev 0 0" and ran "mount -av", I got the following message:

"mount.cifs kernel mount options: ip=,unc=\\share,guest,ver=1,user=,pass=** nothing was mounted"

It seems it can't use the "_netdev" option, doesn't it? Why? What to do? Automount still not working....Any suggestions warmly welcomed! Thx!

(I am using fedora 16 with latest updates.)

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Automounter running?

lzap gravatar imagelzap ( 2012-06-21 08:09:11 -0500 )edit

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answered 2012-06-30 16:10:09 -0500

mavit gravatar image

You mention "automount" several times. The automounter is a daemon that mounts filesystems on demand (i.e., whenever you try to use them), and isn't controlled by /etc/fstab.

So, although this doesn't answer you question directly, you could use the automounter to mount your filesystem instead of at boot-time. You'll need to install it with yum install autofs. You can then download the auto.cifs script to have the automounter mount the CIFS filesystem for you simply by looking in /cifs/

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