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mount truecrypt volumes using system encryption passphrase

asked 2016-08-29 04:37:46 -0500

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from a previous windows setup I have two truecrypt encrypted harddrives. I can mount these without any problem during my fedora session with:

sudo /sbin/cryptsetup open --type tcrypt /dev/sdb2 stuff sudo /sbin/cryptsetup open --type tcrypt /dev/sdb2 otherstuff

I have automated this process with the help of [1]. However, this is stil a bit tedious as I have to type the same passphrase is a bit long and I have to type it twice. I could just write a script storing my passphrase but this would be a vulnerability as the script can be read by anyone. I thought about storing the passphrase in the keyring, but I prefer not to save the passphrase on the pc. Additionally I have no Idea how to do this because I only found an incomplete tutorial for arch linux[2].

Since I use the same passphrase for the truecrypt drives as I do for the system drive, I wonder if I can mount these during startup with the passphrase to unlock the system partition. I am new to Fedora any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


[2] incomplete tutorial for using the keyring:

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answered 2016-10-20 08:16:10 -0500

Hi. I had the same problem. I don't like solutions like storing keyfiles or sending password through a pipe, so I had to do it myself.
In my opinion the best place to unlock other container is place in code, where the system asks for the root password and where the root partition is unlocked.
So I modified a small part of systemd.
Look at:

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