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System refuses to display the contents of ext4 partitions made in a former Fedora installation

asked 2016-08-28 07:02:51 -0500

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I installed a new Fedora and deleted my previous Fedora partition, but now I cannot see ext4 partitions I created within former Fedora installation using Nautlus (Files). The system does not ask me for a root password to open. When I click one of those partitions, for example, it tells me, "You do not have the permission necessary to view the contents of sda7", as shown in the figure below:
image description

I logged in with root account to see if this problem persisted, but there in the root desktop environment, Files did not display the mentioned partitions at all. What do I have to do so the system allows me to see the contents of these partitions?

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answered 2016-08-29 06:20:50 -0500

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updated 2016-08-29 06:22:13 -0500

You might consider using chown to make yourself owner of /dev/sda (sda1,sda2,etc.), but it will not work, and you will still be locked out of the partition. The simple solution is to look at the message your file explorer gives. In my case (Fedora 24 KDE desktop), it was something like "Cannot enter folder /run/media/mhd/3b4cadf2-36dc-40b6-a52c-ff9bc5a3a636". So, all you have to do is to run chown on this particular folder. Make sure you use -R flag to apply ownership recursively.
Thanks to Luis Alvarado's answer on AskUbuntu, the command should be like this:

sudo chown mhd:mhd /run/media/mhd/3b4cadf2-36dc-40b6-a52c-ff9bc5a3a636/ -R

And this enables you to see the contents in this partition (folder).
Regarding partitions labeled with mm and nn as shown in the question's figure, the error message is "Cannot enter /run/media/mhd/nn so, the corresponding command to acquire its ownership is:

sudo chown mhd:mhd /run/media/mhd/nn -R

Make sure you replace mhd with your user name.

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Be careful with changing owner of this folder if your external ext4-partition is still part of a running Linux system. It may mess it up.

Otherwise man chown : as root chown -R user:group /folderthatchangesownership

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2016-08-29 10:17:25 -0500 )edit

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