How to save my system botched grub (using Fodora Live usb drive)?

asked 2016-08-27 22:20:11 -0500

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updated 2016-08-28 04:24:10 -0500

I tried to resize my fedora partition using this article by deleting its succeeding partition using parted. Once i executed rm 6 It told me changes were written on several partitions and i probably needed to restart. Once i did i received this prompt:.
error: unknown filesystem.
Entering rescue mod...
grub rescue>

ls command lists the following:
(hd0) (hd0,msdos11) (hd0,msdos10) (hd0,msdos9) (hd0,msdos8) (hd0,msdos7) (hd0,msdos6) (hd0,msdos5) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1) (hd1) (hd1, msdos1) I tried

set root=(hd0, 1)
set prefix=(hd0,1)/boot/grub
insmod normal
But it says unknown filesystem, trying this with all of other partitions e.g. 2,3,4, etc. also failed, some saying unknown filesystem and others saying "/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod not found".
Unfortunately, i dont have a live cd or live flash disk, but i think i have fedora 22 image on my external hard disk if it helps. Will i be able to save the system, or should i go out get a fedora on disk (probably have mine on external disk burnt on dvd) and start wiping my system partitions and do a fresh install?

P.S. OK, now I got a bootable usb drive with Live Fedora, how can I repair the corrupted grub now without having to reinstall Fedora?

P.S. fedora was installed on an lvm volume but its adjacent partition to which i expanded fedora partition was ext4. Now he resulting partition shows up as lvm in list of Disks in Fedora Live.

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