fedora dnf update bandwidth throttling

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Hi guys,

i had a strange email from my isp in which they are saying that you guys are trottling bandwith based on location and i was wondering if you could clear my mind with some honest answers.

here is a copy of the email :


" On 23/08/16 13:37, Mauritius Telecom Business Contact wrote: Dear Sir/madam,

Please find mail reply from our technical team :

It depends on many factors. 18h00 to 00h00 is the peak time where the most clients connect to the Internet and hence more people will have to share the bandwidth. MyT/ADSL are best effort services. The site where the distro is located can also be throttling your connection to avoid excessive bandwidth usage and overwhelming the servers.

Kind Regards

Kunal "

My ? is does fedora update servers trottle bandwidth for users from mauritius specifically because we somehow overwhelm your servers by doing. dnf update ???

please if there is anyone who could give a clear answer to this issue.

kind regards

cooljckod It Manager Agenius Management Services Ltd

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Interesting, response from your ISP, dnf update will look for you near mirror to do and update therefore your connection may not be to Fedora manageable servers which make too difficult to answer your particular question. Because of the many mirrors that carried Fedora updates, we do not need to do any bandwidth management.

aeperezt gravatar imageaeperezt ( 2016-08-23 11:33:43 -0500 )edit