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dhcp server behind router

asked 2016-08-22 10:14:47 -0500

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hello everyone, i'm learning linux and thought of first learning of configuring a dhcp server on fedora 24 workstation. in my home, i have a wifi router which works as a dhcp server. now as per my thinking, i have to disable dhcp on router and give a static ip to my server. but i'm puzzled with the fact how other nodes on network would get ip addresses from dhcp server? and also do i have to configure a dns server like bind ? because i have searched on the net and some have showed configuring bind.

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+1 for @aeperezt's solution. Moreover, the way you want to set it up, your Fedora 24 Workstation running the DHCP server would have to be always ON when a new client connects and requests an IP address. Is that the case? As for DNS server, it makes sense to use one that your internet service provider operates for you (or even Google's public DNS and

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2016-08-22 14:39:50 -0500 )edit
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answered 2016-08-22 10:38:48 -0500

aeperezt gravatar image

Will suggest to keep dhcp client on your server and set a the dhcp server on your router to provide a static IP for your server using your nic ma caddress that is how I set everything on my home, all other devices will get dynamic addresses but my printers and servers get same ip every time.

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