Trying to Install Fedora 24 Scientific Package on a Microsoft Surface 3: Hang on Black Screen after Boot Splash

asked 2016-08-17 12:10:56 -0500

bennyboi gravatar image

When trying to boot from a live image on a usb stick, I get a hang after the boot menu. I've partitioned my harddrive and am attempting to get a dual boot running between windows and Fedora.

I've attached some screen shots to this imgur album of the text that flashes by before the system hangs.

Basically, I previously believed that I had an ACPI error, so I've tried the acpi=0 and basic graphics boot, but neither of those have fixed the problem.

I used rufus 2.1 to put a GBT .iso live image on a 64 gb thumb drive and have that plugged into a usb hub with a mouse and keyboard which is plugged into the side of the surface. I already tried all of the tricks in the Fedora UEFI manual like disabling safe mode and bitlocker. I already know about this article but his advice isn't helpful until I can actually get Fedora installed.

Based on my independent searching, I believe that the bug is related to my computer's inability to read from the stick, but I'm not sure how I would change that.

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