Cannot boot into Windows 7 after Fedora 24 upgrade

asked 2016-08-15 09:48:49 -0500

allesmi gravatar image

I have a dual boot setup with Fedora and Windows 7. Today I upgraded my Fedora 23 installation to Fedora 23. The installation finished seemingly successful, until I wanted to boot into Windows. After selecting the boot option for the Windows Boot Manager I am stuck at a blinking cursor.

How can I repair this? How can I find out what's the cause? Thank you for your help.

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Similar problem over here! Fedora 24 killed my Windows 10 boot entry. Just leaving this for cross-reference purposes: How to restore Windows 10 boot entry after installing Fedora 24

jake gravatar imagejake ( 2016-08-16 15:43:18 -0500 )edit