Second display don't get recognized with nvidia driver but X11 available

asked 2016-08-14 14:32:02 -0500

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Hello guys,

I installed the proprietary driver 367.35 in order to get both graphic cards that I own working (2 x gtx 970). Both Display are connected via DP (each to one card). The cards are connected with the SLI bridge and the motherboard is in 2xSLI mode. Xrandr --list only shows 0: +*DP-0 1920/531x1080/299+0+0 DP-0. So only one display gets recognized but X11 loads both of them. On the right display I have the gnome DE and the left one is just black and when I move my cursor on it it shows the X11 X-mouse-cursor.

My xorg:

Best regards

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