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Tried to upgrade from Fedora 16 to 17, now I am stuck in grub command line.

asked 2012-06-10 10:42:28 -0500

benahmedb gravatar image

updated 2014-09-28 16:05:57 -0500

mether gravatar image

Upgraded my PC from Fedora 16 to 17. When I rebooted my PC, Fedora 16 come up. I changed menu.lst file in /grub/ directory per the instruction in Method 2: Edit the Grub menu.lst File located here When I rebooted, grub command line come up. Now I am stuck in grub command line. I can not recover.


Thanks! Ben

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3 Answers

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answered 2012-09-17 18:22:47 -0500

sgordon gravatar image

I encountered this issue with both of my Fedora machines when I upgraded. The exact commands you need to enter will depend on your installation. The instructions provided here will guide you through the process of identifying your boot device and the correct initrd/kernel combination to boot:

Once you have identified these and run the grub2-install command all should be well with the world.

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answered 2012-09-14 05:50:31 -0500

sferich888 gravatar image

Getting dropped into grub's command line is a scary thing but it truthfully it that bad. It means one of 3 things:

1) grub can't find your kernel

2) grub can't find your initial ram disk

3) grub can't find our root hard disk.

It would help to see your grub.conf file.

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answered 2012-09-18 07:06:09 -0500

Pascal76 gravatar image

Maybe another distribution is the best way to go there. I often had problems that were solved by changing the distribution.

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