Cannot erase files on MTP using Nautilus

asked 2016-08-04 18:21:59 -0500

WolfangAukang gravatar image

updated 2016-08-04 19:33:45 -0500

Hello guys,

I just connected an Android phone with Lollipop to a Fedora 22 machine. I can open, create and move files easily on Nautilus, but I can't erase them (it doesn't show the option when right-clicking a file neither pressing Del), neither open the terminal (the options are shown two times and both don't show the terminal). Does it have something to do with permissions?

EDIT: I tested a device with Gingerbread and I could create/move/delete files fine (It doesn't use MTP). I tested another device, but with Kitkat and I have the same issue: Cannot erase anything. So, I guess this is a MTP problem, because both Lollipop and Kitkat works with MTP (and both devices were tested using that protocol) and both fail with the erasing process.

EDIT 2 (Workaround for deletion): I was checking a bug in Launchpad from 2013, and it said I should remove the files using Shift-Del (which will destroy it completely) and worked. Well, this is an acceptable workaround. Still, aren't there any progress on this? I mean, is this issue still happening with Nautilus and MTP?

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