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Display Port in?

asked 2016-07-29 23:04:51 -0500

I am currently trying to use my machine's display as a monitor for another machine. The machine that is creating the video stream is connected to my machine with an HDMI to Display Port cable. Is there an existing solution that would be able to consume the video stream in from the Display Port and allow it to be viewed via a program like VLC? If not, how would I go about creating such a solution in a Fedora environment?

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I doubt that you can connect HDMI<->DisplayPort and stream video content over that connection between two PCs/Notebooks. VLC is able to stream video over network. There are lots of how tos to find, so I think it's not worthy posting one here. Just try to search for "vlc network stream".

thomaswood gravatar imagethomaswood ( 2016-07-30 02:17:41 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-07-30 10:02:33 -0500

What machine are you using? Given that you write as though it's a display attached to the machine, I'm guessing it's a laptop? If that's the case, it's almost certainly the case that you only have a DisplayPort on your laptop for outputting video, not for receiving video. I don't think I've ever seen a laptop with a port designed to accept video input and display it on the monitor.

For example, if you have an NVidia graphics card on a desktop, you cannot plug a VGA cable into a laptop, plug the other end into the VGA port on the NVidia graphics card, and somehow receive video input from that card's port. You can only output video data from the port. Your machine's DisplayPort is likely the same thing.

If, however, you have a machine with a separate monitor that does have a variety of input ports designed to receive video data, then you could use that for the purpose you describe and setting it up should be trivial.

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