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[fixed] The 3.2.2 kernel breaks atheros wifi. How can i fix it again?

asked 2012-02-02 09:59:20 -0500

tzicatl gravatar image

updated 2012-04-10 19:10:51 -0500

I have F16 installed on a Acer Aspire S3. Wifi (Atheros AR9485) was working fine until Kernel 3.2.2 came in upgrades. Now, wireless is detected and Access Points listed, but it will never authenticate. If I reboot with Kernel 3.2.1 the wireless works again.

How can I fix it again?

Edit: latest update for Linux 3.2.3 does not fix this.

Edit: I just reported a bug for this:

Edit: It's working again with Kernel 3.2.5-3 and upper versions.

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3 Answers

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answered 2012-02-03 01:34:45 -0500

Elad Alfassa gravatar image

It is a bug, it is being worked on. Please use the 3.2.1 kernel until the problem is fixed.


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answered 2012-02-02 14:16:41 -0500

robotmaxtron gravatar image

I have used this website for a very long time. It's been a fantastic resource for how to install and configure various wireless cards including my problem broadcom cards.

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answered 2012-02-02 13:24:42 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image

Try deleting the access points in nm-connection-editor and setting them up again. See if that works. Also check /var/log/messages and ~/.xsession-errors for any errors.

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