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Nothing happens upon left click on system tray icons/panel/workspace

asked 2016-07-29 01:55:01 -0500

Federico gravatar image

updated 2016-07-29 01:57:54 -0500

Since an update of Plasma in Fedora 23 a few days ago, I can no longer perform system updates or mount USB devices from the respective icons, because left-click does nothing. Or rather, it just adds a blue line on top of the icon and reverses the arrow at the right side of the panel.

I've seen some older bug reports but I'm not sure they are relevant, for instance . I'm currently on plasma-desktop-5.7.1-1.fc23.x86_64, plasma-workspace-5.7.1-2.fc23.x86_64. Reboot did not help.

See the normal status, left click, right click and hover:

unclicked left click right click hover

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answered 2016-07-30 05:29:29 -0500

Federico gravatar image

Reboot another time. Worked for me.

I'm still on the same version of those packages, but a new reboot made things work again.

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Hmpf, the problem occurred again though, perhaps due to another reboot.

Federico gravatar imageFederico ( 2016-08-01 06:49:33 -0500 )edit

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