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Missing /usr/include/ntfs-3g/plugin.h on Fedora 23, why?

asked 2016-07-25 12:11:44 -0500

despair gravatar image

updated 2016-07-25 12:21:39 -0500

The ntfs-3g-devel package is Version 2016.2.22 Release 1.fc23.

Also, ntfs-3g-devel doesn't depend on fuse-devel, either, which seems odd.

I'm trying to compile ntfs-3g-system-compression from

I need it to recover files from a Windows 10 data partition which had compression leak from the cramped OS partition to archive directories on a different drive. And Windows 10 appears to have altered it's automagic compression in non-backwards compatible ways, so the compression support already in ntfs-3g doesn't work, causing 'Permission denied' errors when trying to copy them.

[There's a number of annoyances trying to get autoconf to spit out a working configure, libtoolize --force && aclocal && autoheader && automake --force-missing --add-missing && autoconf is where I wound up before getting an apparently working ./configure]

make fails with src/plugin.c:33:28: fatal error: ntfs-3g/plugin.h: No such file or directory

Is /usr/include/ntfs-3g/plugin.h absence purposeful? How do I compile the plugin on fedora?

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-07-26 14:00:21 -0500

ssieb gravatar image

The upstream source tarball does not include that header file. You could try filing a bug. You could also try downloading the header file from and putting it in /usr/include/ntfs-3g yourself.

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