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No package libgl-dev available

asked 2016-07-24 08:29:21 -0500

wolfv gravatar image

I am trying to build a software called Solvespace. This my first attempt at a "Build". Instructions for building Solvespace are on Debian are at I did not find any instructions for building Solvespace on fedora.

I found the names of the dfs packages on fedora packages, except for the libgl-dev package:

$ sudo dnf install libgl-dev
No package libgl-dev available.
Error: Unable to find a match.

Many packages on fedora packages start with "libgl". But "libgl" is not listed.

How can I install libgl-dev package on fedora 24?

Thank you.

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-07-27 10:07:22 -0500

wolfv gravatar image

SolveSpace is running on my PC. Hooray!

Here are the complete command lines to install SolveSpace on fedora 24:

$ sudo dnf install libpng-devel json-c-devel freetype-devel fontconfig-devel gtkmm24-devel pangomm-devel libGL-devel mesa-libGLU-devel glew-devel cmake 
$ git clone 
$ cd solvespace 
$ git checkout v2.1 
$ git submodule update --init extlib/libdxfrw 
$ mkdir build 
$ cd build 
$ cmake .. 
$ make 
$ sudo make install

Results in two executables, they both launch SolveSpace:

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answered 2016-07-24 08:58:40 -0500

sergiomb gravatar image

updated 2016-07-27 21:03:37 -0500

I think you want:

altlinux already package it is just copy :)

I built solvespace in copr: and http://copr-dist-git.fedorainfracloud...

when you have a new software you always may try search it in copr

dnf copr search solvespace


ah with "git submodule update --init extlib/libdxfrw" we have the second source that have my rpm . I always advice build the rpm and install as rpm here is the source .spec and location of all elements http://copr-dist-git.fedorainfracloud...

from this notes:

dnf install mock

Note: To use mock, a user should become a member of the mock group by adding their username to the mock line in /etc/group. This can be done with the following command:

sudo /usr/sbin/usermod -a -G mock $USER

Note that mock is not intended to be run directly as root. Beware that adding a user to the mock group means that the user can easily get root access on the machine without providing a password.

rpmbuild -bs solvespace.spec  --define "_sourcedir ." --define '_srcrpmdir .'  && mock -r fedora-24-x86_64 --no-clean --rebuild ./solvespace-2.1-1.fc23.src.rpm
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