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How to persist Live settings (such as WiFi and Bluetooth) on USB

asked 2016-07-17 01:38:24 -0500

AndyJ513 gravatar image

I created a Live USB image, and gave it (something like) 400 MB of persistent storage. I've successfully booted with it on two computers. On one I successfully added a Bluetooth device. On the other, I successfully connected to my WiFi (which required a password). On both, after choosing to restart nicely, the Bluetooth/WiFi connections were not remembered. I was expecting these to be stored in the USB's persistent storage, and (like Windows) remember them after I rebooted.

My questions: 1) Am I misunderstanding what the Persistent storage is for? 2) Did I not allocate enough persistent storage (would a larger USB key work)? 3) Does Fedora support this on normal installs (e.g., am I correct in assuming this should work like it does in Windows)? 4) Is there some action I needed to take to have these settings stored?


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answered 2016-08-13 10:28:34 -0500

nmilosev gravatar image

1) Sort of, persistent storage is for storing your files, not system settings which are I believe unaffected

2) It's enough

3) Yes, of course your passwords will be remembered as all your settings

4) You can install Fedora directly to your USB drive. You can do this simply by inserting two USB sticks into one computer and installing from the Live one to the empty one. You will need more space though - 8GB or 16GB stick. I'm carrying one of these with me and it's great. I wrote some tips for this on my blog:


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