fedora 23 freezes when booting switchroot

asked 2016-07-15 03:14:55 -0500

noobusinghacks gravatar image

hi guys i have been running fedora 23 iwth a p4 cpu on a intel d915 motherboard with an intel turbo memory booster and an array of usb flash memory disks for the hard drive its been great i used it to as an entertainment centre and recently after an update i am unable to boot up the system i boot and press the down arrow and i am stuck at starting switchroot when i boot into the oldest kernel the system starts and works somewhat but when i try to launch firefox or opera browser i get erro segmentation fault? when i press alt+crtl+f3 i can get into a terminal and int 3 real quicly it seems to work but when i init 5 graphical user session doesent load and the terminal freezes soon after that does anyone know where to begin diagnosing this problem? thanks

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I would run a memory test first

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2016-07-15 13:29:37 -0500 )edit

thanks ive now run memtest 86+ and the result was pass but its still not booting graphical

noobusinghacks gravatar imagenoobusinghacks ( 2016-07-16 13:45:45 -0500 )edit