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Dual-booting Fedora 16 and Windows 7 on a computer with 2 hard drives

asked 2011-11-29 09:15:55 -0500

Fanu gravatar image

updated 2011-12-03 17:46:58 -0500

mether gravatar image

So I followed this manual

but Fedora wont boot (system just restarts when selecting Fedora from boot menu)

I have 2 identical Seagate HDDs (they are not in RAID) on disk 1 I have installed win7 64bit and on it have total of 4 NTFS partitions

on disk 2 I have 1 NTFS partition used by windows, and have dedicated rest of the free space for Fedora 16 x64 installation (65GB of space)

so in Fedora installer I use that free space to make one EXT4 partition (mount point / with 60GB in size) and make one swap partition (6GB in size)

under boot loader settings I select "First sector of boot partition /dev/sdb1" (sdb1 is HDD I have Fedora on)

setup finishes, I enter windows7, use EasyBCD to add Fedora (options used: GRUB Legacy, and under Devices I chose 60GB partition on which I installed Fedora) to windows boot menu

Restart my PC, get the option to enter either Windows or Fedora but Fedora just gives me a computer restart..

I can enter windows just fine

Tnx for any advice

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I'm currently trying to install Fedora to dual boot with Windows 7 on my system, but when I try to create a partition, I get the error: could not allocate requested partitions: not enough free space on disks. Before I attempted to install, I purposely made 20480 MB of free space to install in, and that shows up in the drive menu, but it's won't let me install in it. Help?

sham gravatar imagesham ( 2012-10-19 19:03:00 -0500 )edit

i am trying to install fedora 18 on my hp 4530s laptop it boot from live usb and work fine when i try to install it on harddisk it say no space available infact i have 50 gb partiontion my laptop have followind features 1 partition for windows 7 primary 1 windows boot some thing created by windows itself primary 1 HP TOOLS primary 1 my data

sham gravatar imagesham ( 2012-10-19 19:09:01 -0500 )edit

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answered 2011-11-29 10:38:01 -0500

Glad you got it working. "better" depends on who you ask and what their motivation is.

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answered 2011-11-29 09:59:41 -0500

I am not sure about that boot loader, but Fedora uses grub 2, not grub legacy.

Normally you would install grub into the MBR of the first hard drive (rather then /dev/sdb1 ) and use grub to dual boot.

While EasyBCD may work, you are going to get more support here using grub ;)

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answered 2011-11-29 10:15:45 -0500

Fanu gravatar image

updated 2011-11-29 10:16:35 -0500

yeah, Fedora 16 started using Grub2 and all I had to do is select Grub2 in EasyBCD.. now it boots without problems

and I read its better to install grub on secondary hard drive (one without WIndows) and use Windows bootloader instead of grub so thats why I chose sdb1..

tnx for your answer

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