How to install Fedora 24(non-UEFI Mode)

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I have windows 10 and fedora 20 in my laptop(Dual boot). I wanna install fedora 24(by replace it on existing fedora),I made bootable usb disk from fedora 24 iso file with LiveUSB Creator, but during the installation, when I end my partitioning and mounting (eg /home, /boot and etc), I get this error:

No valid bootloader target device found. 
For UEFI installation , you must include an EFI System Partition on a 
GPT-formatted disk, mounted at /boot/efi.

I read this post: but it didn't help me. My BIOS is in legacy mode and it cannot be changed to UEFI mode, but my usb is booted in UEFI mode(because iso file of fedora 24). I installed fedora 20 years ago but now I can't install fedora 24 for this issue. I googled many hours and I tried many solutions, but still my problem is not solved, I am very tired now, Pls help me and just tell how to install fedora 24 in non-UEFI mode, tnx.

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Can you try to upgrade to fedora 24 or you could upgrate to 21 and the use those methods.

aeperezt gravatar imageaeperezt ( 2016-07-06 11:51:11 -0500 )edit