Network configuration with multiple interfaces

asked 2016-06-29 11:36:58 -0500

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Hi there!

I am using Fedora-23 on a box that has 4 ethernet ports. I have setup bridge connections for each of them in order to use for a VM cluster setup. Each of them have unique IPs from DHCP.

Problem: At a given time, I can only access one of them from a outside network. It is not always the same address. Here is an example:

#] ip -f inet addr 
br0 :
br1 :
br2 :
br3 :

When trying to ping each of these addresses from, I could only ping, but none of the others. While trying to ping each of them from a address works fine.

Initially I thought, firewalld might be causing this, and I added a rich-rule, but no luck. This is how the active zone looks like now. I didn't make it permanent.

 FedoraServer (default, active)
   interfaces: br0 br1 br2 br3 enp2s0f0 enp2s0f1 enp4s0f0 enp4s0f1
   services: cockpit dhcpv6-client ssh
   masquerade: no
   rich rules:

Thanks for any suggestion.

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