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Fedora 13 HardInfo

asked 2016-06-24 20:38:52 -0600

coreyb gravatar image

I'm taking a class on parallel operating systems using Fedora 13. My assigment is to view the system information by opening Terminal, typing hardinfo, and screenshoting my results. When I type "hardinfo" the system responds with "command not found." My teacher's suggestion was to upgrade my VM software and recreate the Fedora workspace. Didn't work and now I'm stuck.

Please help!

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You are running Fedora in a VM? What didn't work?

And even more importantly, why Fedora 13?? That's more than 5 years old!

ssieb gravatar imagessieb ( 2016-06-25 00:48:30 -0600 )edit

Our textbook uses Fedora 13, so that's what I downloaded. I need to view the system using hardinfo, but it returns with command not found.

coreyb gravatar imagecoreyb ( 2016-06-25 18:00:06 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-06-27 12:39:11 -0600

ssieb gravatar image

I checked the F13 repository and that package exists, so just do yum install hardinfo.

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