Strange cpu load coming from nowhere (nowhere == zeitgeist-daemon)

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I've been experiencing this issue for some time already both on my F17 KDE 4.9.5 notebook and desktop.

Mostly after 12 hours of uptime HDD starts to be used a lot and one core starts to be overloaded resulting in >33% (on my triple-core Phenom) of >50% (on my dual-core Sandy Bridge) CPU usage. I can literally see as UI drawing slows down (when I right-click, I first see shadow of the context menu, then contents).

The CPU load shown by top and KDE's system activity (Ctrl+Esc) monitor are wrong, only System Monitor widget from KDE Plasma and KSysGuard show the right usage. They actually seem to take the data from the same source (kde-workspace/ksysguard, here Git:

High disk I/O may come from zeitgeist-daemon because it was saving over 200 KiB/s, I'll try to terminate it properly when I next experience this issue.

Here are screenshots:

(large image, right click and select "View image" to enlarge.)

image description


image description

Edit: I discovered that logging out and in fixes the problem. That must be caused by some userspace program.

Edit 2: I'm not a total newbie, so ideas how I should debug it myself will be very helpful.

EDIT 3: Now I'm totally sure it's zeitgeist-daemon thing. I simply killed it and the system became responsive again. The unresponsiveness came from high HDD load (or ineffective I/O) caused by zeitgeist-daemon.

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