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clock time

asked 2012-12-30 01:49:23 -0500

vijayan gravatar image

updated 2012-12-30 01:52:55 -0500

Hi, I am dual booting F17 xfce 32 bit with XP 32 bit from past 3 months, for xp am using brazillian time, for xfce am following Indian time, after using the xp when I restarted andlogged into the xfce I found that the time has changed to Brazillian. How did this happen?

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answered 2012-12-30 04:41:48 -0500

praneeth gravatar image

When ever an os is loaded, system time will be updated with n/w (if enabled) and stored in system clock device in motherboard. In your case i guess, xp is syncing with n/w time and linux is not getting sync with n/w. so when u log in to linux, u still find brazilian timings.

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Asked: 2012-12-30 01:49:23 -0500

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