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Sierra Wireless EM7345 4G LTE stops working

asked 2016-06-15 11:45:52 -0500

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updated 2016-06-15 11:48:39 -0500


i have this card in my laptop. It works quite well as long as it has a proper 2G/3G/4G signal. However, when travelling and it gets to lots of different signal strengths it definitly stops working after 1-2hrs. From what i get from the net is that this card is famous for it's buggy firmware and lenovo unwilling to provide firmware updates and when than only for windows :-(

In Gnome Network-manager the Net Icon vanishes and when i try to connect it does give an error message "connection failed" after ca. 2 mins.

I had similar Issues under Windows before, but could de-active and re-activate the card in windows Hardware Manager and it usually worked again for the same amount of time.

I already tried

sudo modprobe -r cdc_acm cdc_mbim cdc_wdm cdc_ncm
sudo rmmod [-f] cdc_acm cdc_mbim cdc_wdm cdc_ncm

it then states module cdc_acm is in use. Only solution that works is to shutdown(!) the laptop and start again.

My question is how to do this in Fedora 23? Is there a possibility to "unplug" it from usb and plug it again?

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answered 2017-02-16 04:53:26 -0500

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to answer my own question and later raise a new one ;-) The issue seems to be related to a virtual machine running in KVM, that is getting the LTE Cards USB redirected. I noticed, that when i shut down this VM than the LTE Card appears again.

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