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Trying to boot fedora Live CD in UEFI mode screen says "Use the"

asked 2016-06-10 22:20:42 -0500

mburket gravatar image

After creating the boot media these instructions, many times I try to boot the USB drive in UEFI mode and all it says on the screen is "Use the" in the lower left of the screen, within a second of the selecting the boot device. However, if I boot in BIOS mode everything works fine. I have secure boot off.

Motherboard: ASRock Extreme4 X99

What could causing this issue?

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Can you upload a picture? Also, try to recreate the boot media and if it still doesn't work, make sure the image file is not corrupted

Abhishekh gravatar imageAbhishekh ( 2016-06-11 04:27:54 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2016-06-11 15:32:35 -0500

mburket gravatar image

So the fix was turning off capability mode on my motherboard. Once I turned that I was able to boot the live ISO and install Fedora.

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