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terminator workspace problem in fedora

asked 2012-10-27 11:36:19 -0500

Noorani gravatar image

I'm having an issue with terminator on fedora. This has been happening even on fedora 16 and 17 now. Whenever i open terminator and try to change workspace, the workspace always stays on that terminator is.

Does anyone has a solution to this problem

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-01-25 20:16:14 -0500

BatYaz gravatar image

Are you trying to say whenever you try to move the whole terminal, it won't move?

If that is indeed your question, you have to enable the bar at the top of your terminal with your pwd (enable window borders in preferences) or else you can't move it. I'm currently using Fedora 21.

key shortcuts

{ crtl+shift+w (close a previous terminal)

ctrl + shift+ e (split vertically)

ctrl + shift + o (split horizontally)

ctrl + shift + n (move from terminal to terminal)


Hope that helps. Terminator is great.

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