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Can't load docker image from as it contains uppercase letters

asked 2016-05-27 11:50:01 -0500

sedrubal gravatar image

Importing the Docker image fedora:23 from does not work (with Docker 1.10.3) as described on the website, because the repository name contains uppercase letters. Running:

docker load -i Fedora-Docker-Base-23-20151030.x86_64.tar.xz

failes with the message:

Error response from daemon: invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase

The problem is the name given in repositories file. The content is:

{"Fedora-Docker-Base-23-20151030.x86_64.tar.xz": {"latest": "79c2670131596c788b34f1fd86394623312f1cb552cbafbda340a1911793a189"}}

It would be better to change this to:

{"fedora": {"23": "79c2670131596c788b34f1fd86394623312f1cb552cbafbda340a1911793a189"}}

Who is responsible to change this? :D

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answered 2016-05-27 14:37:06 -0500

florian gravatar image

updated 2016-05-27 14:37:57 -0500

Probably infrastructure team:

Fatest is certainly contacting them on IRC... and if they are not responsible, they know who is...

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Ok, it's fedora-cloud team but the admins pointed me in the right direction ;) Thanks

And this issue is fixed for fedora:24 and there are alternative builds available. See

sedrubal gravatar imagesedrubal ( 2016-05-28 20:58:39 -0500 )edit

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