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How to make multi partition for multi OS boot?

asked 2013-01-02 05:56:19 -0500

AmitThakur gravatar image

updated 2014-09-30 21:51:20 -0500

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I am a newbie Linux User and trying to put questions as accurate and specific as possible. My PC has 3 GB RAM and following partitions in a single hard disk with Windows 7 installed: Disk Management Tool

Please open image in new tab to see full size.

C:  30 GB [  3 GB Free] (for Windows)
D: 146 GB [132 GB Free] (Windows application software files)
E: 122 GB [ 25 GB Free] (for file storage only)

I want to create 2 new partitions say Linux1 and Linux2. Linux1 for Fedora with around 70 GB Linux2 for Testing other linux distro with 30 GB which means I need to evacuate the 100 GB space from above partitions (I'd like to get it from D: partition) without disturbing/affecting Windows 7 system. So my questions are:

  1. How to evacuate 100 GB room/space from D: partition? Using Windows 7 Disk Manager or Fedora Installer or both?
  2. How to create Root, Swap, Home and other partitions in an extended Linux1 partition and what should be their types (logical, ext1 etc. )?
  3. Do I need repeat the same procedure (as in Question no. 2) for other Linux at the time of their installation?

Right now I am ready with Fedora 17 USB Installer and waiting for quick expert answer here. Excited and can't wait anymore to get hands on Fedora. :-)

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answered 2013-01-02 19:40:19 -0500

LonelySpooky gravatar image

Well, your D partition have 146 GB. Be sure to defragment your partition to try to minimize the chance of losing files (but there is a risk). After that, run you Live Linux distro and, in Live, install (or run if already installed) GParted; DO NOT mount your D partition; then, use GParted to resize and create free space. If everything goes well, you'll have free space when running the installer and creating your Linux partitions will be a "piece of cake".

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