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Just impossible to instal Fedora 17 on a Gateway computer

asked 2012-07-17 18:31:15 -0500

freedom gravatar image

Hi, well, I've looked around a lot trying to find out what's wrong with my install process, but I just can't find anything useful

When I try to install Fedora 17 (All Live-CD, even Network install and update), everything goes fine, but, ones I get to the "partition system" to be able of replacing Fedora 16, I get a message error saying: "you have no created a boot loader stage device 1" and "Partition SDA6 is not labeled as GPT Disc" Well, I know that it's something about a "bios-boot" or "boot-efi" partition, but Anaconda only gives me the option of "boot-efi" and it doesn't work at all; and I don't know how to label the SDA6 as GPT

And there's something strange, I tried to install Fedora 16 with a new Live-CD, but it launched the same error, but if I install with the first CD I tried, the install goes grate, without errors ¿why? It's the same version, but with different CD's

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answered 2012-07-18 07:52:37 -0500

joncr gravatar image

If the installer detects a non-UEFI BIOS, it will offer the bios-boot option. If it detects a UEFI machine, it will offer boot-efi.

A number of motherboards offer options, sometimes obscure, to switch between the two modes.

In all cases, however, the BOOT option needs to be set on the disk you boot from. This can be done with FDISK on BIOS drives, and parted or gparted on GPT drives.

To hazard a guess, it seems your boot disk has been detected as an EFI drive. You need to boot the installer and then switch to a console screen and run parted to set the correct GPT label and to mark that drive as the BOOT drive. Do a "man parted" to get up to speed on it. To get to a console screen in the installer, do an Alt-F1, or Alt-F2. (Can't recall which, but ALT and one of the function keys will get you in.) You need to be root so be sure you see the "#" prompt. After you make the changes you need to reboot and start the install over. Enter "reboot".

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