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VirtualBox-4.1.16-6.fc17.x86_64 conflicts VirtualBox-guest 4.1.16-6.fc17 [closed]

asked 2012-07-12 02:00:53 -0500

Majid Azimi gravatar image

hi guys,

I have installed virtualbox from rpmfusion repository. When I want to install guest additions in the VM it say:

Could not find the VirtualBox Guest Additions CD image file /usr/lib64/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso or /usr/lib64/virtualbox/additions/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso

So I tried to install VirtualBox-guest rpm, but yum shows error:

--> Running transaction check
---> Package VirtualBox-guest.x86_64 0:4.1.16-6.fc17 will be installed
--> Processing Conflict: VirtualBox-4.1.16-6.fc17.x86_64 conflicts VirtualBox-guest <= 4.1.16-6.fc17
--> Processing Conflict: VirtualBox-guest-4.1.16-6.fc17.x86_64 conflicts VirtualBox <= 4.1.16-6.fc17
--> Finished Dependency Resolution

Any solution?

Oracle do not allow Iranian users to use its repositopry. I need to install it from rpmfusion repo. I'm running fedora 17 with most up to date packages.

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3 Answers

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answered 2014-01-03 16:53:08 -0500

sergiomb gravatar image

updated 2016-04-01 20:13:58 -0500

Hi, VirtualBox-guest is VBoxGuestAdditions for Fedora itself , if you install VirtualBox as Host, you can't install VirtualBox-guest . VirtualBox-guest is just to install in a Fedora vm (as guest system) . Therefore we conflict this 2 packages by design .

rpmfusion doesn't provide VBoxGuestAdditions for others OS , you have to download it , you have a button for that in VirtualBox, vm manager menu .

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answered 2012-11-27 10:09:38 -0500

davidva gravatar image

updated 2012-11-27 10:25:50 -0500

Hi, first sorry, You do not necessarily need the official oracle repository . But you can download the official package and install.

How to install?

install all dependencies

su -c 'yum -y install kernel-headers kernel-devel dkms gcc wget'

wget -c

su -c 'yum -y install VirtualBox-4.2-4.2.4_81684_fedora17-1.x86_64.rpm'

/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup

wget -c

VBoxManage extpack install Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.2.4-81684.vbox-extpack

usermod -a -G vboxusers your_user

groups your_user

Latest versión Guest Additions iso


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answered 2012-11-27 03:26:33 -0500

The Atomic Ass gravatar image

I'm having the same problem, and while I cannot provide a solution to the conflict, I can clear up a misunderstanding.

VirtualBox-guest is for installing on guest systems, i.e., if you were installing Fedora as a VB guest, you would install this package. It does NOT provide the ISO. You would not normally install it on the host.

I haven't been able to find the ISO anywhere in the repo's, so I ended up downloading it from

My problem, for anyone else who might answer, is I have a host that occasionally is a guest, therefore I need both packages installed simultaneously.

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