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why no lsuser/lsgroup command

asked 2016-05-12 18:38:54 -0500

paulhr gravatar image

I did google search and search the list of Fedora commands.

1) Can have a hard time believing no one has asked the question before. 2) Why is there no lsusr/lsgrp commands in Fedora? I am running on the server version.

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answered 2016-05-13 06:32:02 -0500

On Linux the lslogins <userid> command should give you the same details as lsuser. As for lsgroup I do not think there is an equivalent command. But unless you have an huge number of users lslogins and cat /etc/group should be sufficient.

lslogins Example

[root@vmsrv01 ~]# lslogins pwills Username: pwills UID: 500 Gecos field: Pierre Wills Home directory: /home/pwills Shell: /bin/bash No login: no Password is locked: no Password no required: no Login by password disabled: no Primary group: pierre GID: 500 Last login: May05/09:10 Last terminal: pts/0 Last hostname: Hushed: no Password changed: 2015-May08 Selinux context: unconfined_u:unconfined_r:unconfined_t:s0-s0:c0.c1023 enter code here

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answered 2016-05-13 00:57:58 -0500

sideburns gravatar image

Welcome to ask.fedora. A little bit of searching shows that the commands you're looking for are Oracle specific rather than standard Unix/Linux commands. We might be able to help you find something that will do what you need if you'll explain (by editing your question) what these do and what you need.

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answered 2016-05-13 07:38:30 -0500

paulhr gravatar image

I come from a AIX background where lsuser and lsgroup both take a "ALL" parameter. This allows the "/etc/passwd" file and "/etc/group (this file name may not be correct, I am going by biological memory )"to have the "r" bit turned off for "others" on both files.

Clearly the Fedora does not have such commands and has lived just fine without them.

Thanks for you time. Hope to return the favor some day.

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