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Change Folder Colour

asked 2016-05-11 07:57:42 -0500

lex gravatar image

Hi. I'd like to change the folder colour in Nautilus, since I detest the default beige/brown. Can I do this without changing to a wholly different theme? I've looked in the Gnome Tweak Tool, but found no setting for this.


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2 Answers

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answered 2016-05-11 16:13:58 -0500

genodeftest gravatar image

You have to install a different icon theme and then change it with e.g. gnome-tweak-tool.

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answered 2016-05-12 09:04:42 -0500

skytux gravatar image

I think that the Fedora icon theme is the same as Adwaita (default) theme but with blue folders. You could try it:

$ sudo dnf install fedora-icon-theme

and then change it using Gnome Tweak Tool.


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