During Installation BOOT_IMAGE=/isolinux/vmlinuzO crashed

asked 2016-04-12 16:03:16 -0500

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Hi together,

when I start the installation from fedora 23 on my virgin asus zenbook ux305ua from my usb stick in UEFI Mode I get this error message ("Oops! We're sorry, it looks like BOOT_IMAGE=/isolinux/vmlinuzO crashed") when entering the screen, where one can choose between "try fedora" and "install to hard drive". I could in principle go further with the installation where I have another problem with gpt formatted disks but in principle I would first know if I have to fix the first error.

Any advice would be appreciated! Cheers!

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This looks like #1282244. Also, it's "vmlinuz0" - with a zero at the end, not an "o".

ckujau gravatar imageckujau ( 2016-04-14 00:25:23 -0500 )edit