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Passkey Entry for Encrypted Disks on Headless Box

asked 2012-02-24 12:21:12 -0500

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updated 2014-09-28 23:50:50 -0500

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I have a headless box that is using encrypted disks and have been keeping a monitor/keyboard around so that I can enter the LUKS passkey on boot.

Is there a way to enter the LUKS passkey without needing to keep the keyboard and monitor attached?

I found a stackexchange article that discusses how to do this on debian but I would prefer not to mess with the initramfs like that if I don't have to.

Any other suggestions on how to set this up?

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answered 2012-02-24 16:50:47 -0500

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There is no nice, easy way. I use IPMI to input my key remotely.

There is a bug for storing the LUKS key on a USB drive: RHBZ 459485

Comment 10 has a link to the Arch wiki, but it also recommends using SSH in the initrd.

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