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Fedora live USB fails to boot

asked 2012-10-03 16:34:41 -0500

Pengua gravatar image

Trying to boot F17 on my new computer but I can't even finish the boot. It starts loading the OS and then freezes at about 80%. I've tried both 64 and 32 bit, both in simple graphics mode. The USB boots on my laptop however o.O (there were some errors saying "assuming write through" or something like that but it still booted)

I unplugged my hard drive to see if that was the problem, which it wasn't.

Specs if it matters: i7 2600k Intel 32gb 4x8 G.Skill ram GTX580 Nvidia

Here's what I see when I try to boot: Bios -> set to boot from USB F17 -> start in simple graphics mode Loading -> freeze around 80%

I'm fairly certain that using the Fedora Live USB creator verified the .iso so that probably isn't the problem.

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-10-04 07:29:46 -0500

zoltanh721 gravatar image

I think here can be two problems. One is somekind of bios system optimisation that is good for windows, and new for linux. So you have to check some virtualisation, or external hardwares that can do such effects. Therefore set to default the bios, reboot, and try again. Another problem is the source of the apps. In usb sometimes the format not complete, or not synced fully - therefore the ISO can be ok, but with incomplete partitioning just fail. But we can close out both, if you are try to install from gPXE - and if you can successfull run anaconda, and install that means something else caused the problems. If these are not helping you, please return, and tell us the results, or changes.

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