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Can't burn an audio CD

asked 2016-04-03 22:53:00 -0500

lohroc gravatar image

I tried to burn an audio CD using Gnomebaker but the music files didn't appear, then I tried Brasero and got the error message "'01 - The Dead Flag Blues.mp3' is not suitable for audio or video media.". I have the media codecs installed, why it doesn't work?

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Are you sure the file "01-The dead Flag Blues.mp3" is an MP3 file? Install mediainfo and check the details of the file. dnf install mediainfo-gui

anishjp gravatar imageanishjp ( 2016-04-04 02:35:33 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-04-04 03:50:05 -0500

aussie7 gravatar image

I don't know if this helps, I had an issue with brasero and k3b not burning mp3 files, it turned out the file name of the mp3 was not the correct format

I installed Xfburn and it burns the mp3 files with no problems

Worth a shot

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