settings menu does not appear

asked 2016-03-21 12:52:57 -0500

I just installed a new laptop with Fedora 23 and installed all updates. When I click on the tiny down arrow at the top-right corner of the screen, and select "Settings", a spinning circle appears and then it goes away and there's no settings. The same thing happens if I try to go to "WiFi Settings". There's no error dialog box that comes up saying anything is wrong. Any ideas?

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what is the resolution of you screen, it maybe showing out side your window view.

aeperezt gravatar imageaeperezt ( 2016-03-21 13:42:50 -0500 )edit

Does ALT + TAB show the Settings window? Are you able to open Settings from the "All Applications" menu?

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2016-03-21 14:37:01 -0500 )edit

can you start it from a terminal with gnome-control-center?

genodeftest gravatar imagegenodeftest ( 2016-03-23 15:52:27 -0500 )edit