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Boot order on Grub

asked 2016-03-19 05:36:46 -0500

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My Grub has several kernel versions listed. For each version I have the kernel version+Debug option

Every time I update th Kernel, the Kernel+debug gets to boot by default.

I would like to change that and make the Kernel version (Workstation) option to boot by default. The reason is that Virtual box doesnt like the +debug option (I cant install the kernel drivers on this version)

How can I change this?

Many thanks in advance. L2

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-03-19 20:59:54 -0500

florian gravatar image

Hi, there are several methods available, some involve editing grub config file(s). The easiest is probably using a graphical tool called grub-customizer.

You can install it by running the following command in a terminal: sudo dnf install grub-customizer

Once installed, you can start it from Gnome or using the command line (grub-customizer), and you can now edit the boot order.

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