Logout leaves dbus-launch running Fedora 10 [closed]

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XWindow gnome-session login works, but menu System, log out <user> does not terminate dbus-launch, metacity, and gnome-screensaver. Other processes, including gnome-session do terminate. Worse, a new login will get new instances of the non-terminating processes. So this is sort of a high-level resource leak. Graphical login/logout on PC console works OK with all processes terminating, but I need remote desktop access. Help.

I installed Fedora 10 because I need to reproduce a specific build environment. My experience is almost entirely with Linux servers at runlevels below 5, so it is probably something basic. I've tried around 30 different Google searches for this problem without finding the magic combination of keywords that address this problem.

On the connecting PC, I'm using XWin32 using ssh and run the command "gnome-session" to start the graphical window.

Fedora 10 install was pretty generic with extra features (software devel, web) selected. I allowed Fedora 10 to apply all updates. Gnome package versions seem to be mostly are 2.24...fc10.i386. (kernel is i686.)

Any ideas/pointers will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hey, I see this post was asked last year. Still need help?

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