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How to enable autostart of the display manager?

asked 2016-03-12 15:00:27 -0500

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I just installed Fedora 23 in my virtual machine. I did so by using the netinstall with a minimal system. Xorg works as well as fvwm. I wanted to install lightdm to autostart my fvwm desktop, but somehow the lightdm service does not start.

I installed the system-switch-displaymanager and ran it with the parameter lightdm. It created a symlink in /etc/systemd/system folder which points to /etc/lib/systemd/system/lightdm.service.

I also tried to run systemctl enable lightdm.service but it doesn't start either.

What can I do now?

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you want install workstation with all gnome? from minimal installation?

Woodnerd gravatar imageWoodnerd ( 2016-03-13 16:26:37 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-03-13 05:25:34 -0500

paulojmlopes gravatar image

You must set the target width: systemctl set-default

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