grubx64.efi tftpboot option negotiation failed, user aborted the transmission

asked 2016-03-11 04:08:54 -0500

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Hi everyone

I set a pxeboot with fedora 23 and now BIOS legacy (CSM mode) is worked with IPv4, but UEFI IPv4/IPv6 is failed. the symptom is IPv6 shows "boot failed" and IPv4 shows "error : couldn't send network packet" in client

my configuration is on my blog.

and after capture the package by wireshark that show as below

[No.] [Time] [Source] [Destination] [Protocol] [Length] [Info]

8 6.512233000 TFTP 85 Read Request, File: uefi/shim.efi, Transfer type: octet, tsize\000=0\000, blksize\000=1468\000

9 6.514919000 TFTP 71 Option Acknowledgement, tsize\000=1293304\000, blksize\000=1468\000

10 6.515711000 TFTP 72 Error Code, Code: Option negotiation failed, Message: User aborted the transfer

hope someone can reply me. have a nice day ^^

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