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Configure iBus on Fedora 18 Alpha

asked 2012-10-14 16:11:09 -0500

Nirmal gravatar image

I am having a trouble to configure iBus in Fedora 18 Alpha.

I can choose desired languages by running "ibus-setup" command. I have also chosen "iBus" as Input Method by running "im-chooser" command, but I am not able to see the icon to select or change language on GNOME 3 shell which generally shows up on Top Right corner.

I want iBus to write in Gujarati & Hindi in iTrans & Phonetic.

From 'System Settings' I tried to change regional settings & stuff but it did not work for me. The Language Settings does show up my selected languages on Top Right corner but it does not show up the Gujarati & Hindi in iTrans & Phonetic style writing.

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i don't think this is right place to discuss F18 problems now, please mail your issues to so that it can be fixed and yeah report the issue on bugzilla

Akshay gravatar imageAkshay ( 2012-10-15 08:12:17 -0500 )edit

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answered 2012-10-15 04:02:09 -0500

liam gravatar image

I just tried this and it seemed to work for me (keeping in mind I don't read/speak any Indic language):

Go to System Settings -> Region & Language. Now choose press the + button and type what language you want ("guj" brought up Gujarti for me) and select it. That should return you to the Language tab and show Gujarti being selected. Next change the Formats with the same method. Then go to Input Sources. Here you need to select your input type. You have four options for Gujarti: itrans, phonetic, inscript, and inscript2. I chose the itrans and then went back and chose phonetic as well. Select your desired input source and configure it if you want. Now ibus should've put the icon at top panel to the right. Click on it and you should have your options. I ended up with my native english and two Gujarti input options (itrans and phonetic). As I said, they seemed to work when I typed with them, but I'm unable to say for certain they provide the results you're looking for.

Hope this helps.

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