Network Printing Error: "filter failed"

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I've got 2 fedora 23 machines. One has a USB-printer (Brother HL-2040) and is printing fine from it. It also shares that printer, and its ports 9100 and 631 are open to the subnetwork both machines are sitting on.

The other machine discovers the printer just fine, with the Gnome print tool, with cups' web interface, and with system-config-printer, it has the correct address, and the printer driver it uses is the same as the one used by the frist machine.

When I try to print a test page from the second machine, it tells me "filter failed." On the first machine, the one which serves the printer systemd journal tells me lots of things, and I can see that the machine is being accessed, obviously. There's one red line:

cupsd[19431]: Job stopped due to filter errors; please consult the error_log file for details.

However, there is no error_log anywhere on the system.

What causes the error? How can I fix it?

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My guess is some networking problem (corrupted data reaching your remote printer). This guide may help you debugging your issue:

fcomida gravatar imagefcomida ( 2016-03-06 13:30:07 -0500 )edit