Fedora 23 DNF won't work

asked 2016-03-05 18:38:30 -0500

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updated 2016-03-06 17:01:22 -0500

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I've recently move over from ubuntu to Fedora. I'm trying to get dnf to work but when ever I use any sort of dnf command I get the same output "Aborted (core dumped). I've tried as sudo and as root and get the same results. I've checked my /etc/dnf/dnf.conf file and it looks rather bland

> [main]  gpgcheck=1 
> installonly_limit=3
> clean_requirements_on_remove=True

Here's the output of /var/log/messages when I run a dnf command

.4" sig=6
Mar  5 18:37:22 nipon abrt-hook-ccpp: Process 3868 (python3.4) of user 0 killed by SIGABRT - dumping core
Mar  5 18:37:22 nipon audit: ANOM_ABEND auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 subj=system_u:system_r:abrt_t:s0-s0:c0.c1023 pid=3873 comm="abrt-action-sav" exe="/usr/bin/abrt-action-save-package-data" sig=6
Mar  5 18:37:22 nipon abrt-hook-ccpp: Process 3873 (abrt-action-save-package-data) of user 0 killed by SIGABRT - ignoring ('DebugLevel' == 0)
Mar  5 18:37:22 nipon abrt-server: 'post-create' on '/var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2016-03-05-18:37:22-3868' exited with 134
Mar  5 18:37:22 nipon abrt-server: Deleting problem directory '/var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2016-03-05-18:37:22-3868'

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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Im having the same issue. I'ts freaking me out. Can't use Google Chrome either.

DingChavez gravatar imageDingChavez ( 2016-03-05 22:08:37 -0500 )edit

You can try to run yum update to resolve a bug or wrong dependencies. yum is deprecated but it still should be available and usable.

thomaswood gravatar imagethomaswood ( 2016-03-06 05:06:47 -0500 )edit

Same happening to me on F23 (64 bit), but it was working fine a few minutes ago. Maybe related to installing (with yum/dnf) 32 bit glibc and dependencies? I also installed perlbrew and was attempting to build 32 bit perl but this failed.

EDIT: it is working for me again. I used Apper to update to the latest dnf, and I guess it reinstalled and fixed whatever was screwed up. Weird because I thought Apper still used dnf in the backend!

ralphgonz gravatar imageralphgonz ( 2016-03-06 14:16:53 -0500 )edit