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fedora 23 cant boot off 2nd hard disk after install

asked 2016-02-24 16:12:23 -0500

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updated 2016-03-29 17:10:03 -0500

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runnint on a dell optiplex gx620, windows xp is on /dev/sda and fedora on /dev/sdb in the past i have used dd to write the first 512 bytes of /dev/sdb1 to a file, written it to the windows partition and placed the name in the boot.ini file as a 2nd boot choice with fine results this fime decided to put a fresh install of fedora23 on /dev/sdb from the dvd iso for the workstation

i can boot from the dvd no problem, install to /dev/sdb seems to work fine, i can mount the disk and the files look like they are there. i told the installer to delete the old partitions and reclaim space when i installed. i run "grub2-mkconfiig /dev/sdb1" and seem to get a good config run "grub2-install /dev/sdb1" to install grub in the 2nd drive used dd to get the first 512 bytes off /dev/sdb1 and dumped to file in windows, put the name in boot.ini. but when i selected linux i get "cant load from harddisk" tried same using dd to get 1024 bytes, same problem

so tried "grub2-install /dev/sda" and reboot gets me a blank screen with blinking cursor i can reboot from the dvd and install syslinux and use it to fix the mbr on the windows disk and reboot windows but still cant boot to fedora on the second disk

what am i doing/not doing wrong?

thanks in advance......

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-05-10 04:15:28 -0500

Resolution keys to your problem:

  • Make sure the Hard Drive is recognized in the BIOS.
  • Run Hard Drive Diagnostics.
  • Reseat the Hard Drive cables.
  • Try the Hard Drive data cable in a different slot.
  • Replace the data cable.
  • Replace the Hard Drive.ace the Hard Drive. For more suggestions and hacks please check Dell Gx620 Manual.
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