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Can I use a USB stick to install fedora?

asked 2011-11-08 12:21:37 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image

updated 2011-11-25 22:25:37 -0500

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Is there a way of putting the DVD iso on to a USB stick and using it to install fedora? I have some systems that lack a DVD drive, such as my EEEpc. I'd really like to put fedora on it. Exact commands would be most helpful.

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4 Answers

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answered 2013-02-19 11:11:14 -0500

ryanlerch gravatar image

updated 2013-02-19 11:13:49 -0500

Copying a Fedora install DVD ISO (e.g. The DVD image here), is the same as if you were directly copying over any ISO to USB. Note -- If you are trying to copy a LIVE image to USB, the directions in this answer will not work. You need to follow the LIVE USB directions on the wiki

There are two fairly easy ways to copy an ISO to USB, the first is using the GNOME Disks GUI, the second is using the dd command in the terminal.

Copying an ISO to USB using the GNOME Disks GUI

  1. Insert your USB Drive, open up GNOME Disks, and choose the USB drive you just inserted from the list of disks on the left hand side. In this example, the USB Drive I inserted is the 8GB Lexar JC Firefly. image description

  2. In the Volumes section in the main section, under the blue partition box, press the square icon to unmount the partition. (In this case, the USB drive has a FAT32 partition.) image description

  3. Now the partition is unmounted, click the Button with the cogs on it in the top right corner of the window, and choose Restore Disk Image. Note that You will be prompted for root / superuser privileges at this step. image description

  4. Next, choose the DVD install ISO you want to copy over, And choose the "Start Restoring button" image description

  5. The image will now be copied to your USB drive. When the progress bar completes, you will be done! Eject the drive, and you will be all set! image description

Copying an ISO to USB using the dd command line tool

Alternatively, you can use the dd command to copy an ISO to a USB. For example:

sudo dd if=/home/username/Fedora-18-DVD.iso of=/dev/sdb

In this example, the if= parameter specifies the location of the ISO you want to copy. The of= parameter specifies the location of the device. Be sure to change both these parameters to the correct values before proceeding.

The easiest way to find out what the location of a particular device is to use GNOME Disks again. Simply insert your USB Drive, open up GNOME Disks, and choose the USB drive you just inserted from the list of disks on the left hand side. The location of the device should be listed towards the top of the right hand pane. In this example, the location of my USB drive is /dev/sdb

image description

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answered 2011-11-08 12:38:47 -0500

mooninite gravatar image

Yes, you can.

A wiki page on the Fedora wiki details many different ways of installing from a USB stick.

The instructions for installing a ISO to a USB stick while running on Fedora are pretty simple:

# yum install livecd-tools

# livecd-iso-to-disk path-to/Fedora-16-i386-DVD.iso /dev/sdb1

Where /dev/sdb1 is your USB device.

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Is this valid for both Live CD ISOs and Installation DVD ISOs? I mean, is the method common to both of them?

FranciscoD_ gravatar imageFranciscoD_ ( 2011-11-09 06:58:49 -0500 )edit

answered 2011-11-09 03:38:23 -0500

SoumyaC gravatar image

updated 2011-11-09 03:40:34 -0500

Instead of command line you can use the graphical tool too. Just install liveusb-creator as below -

# yum install liveusb-creator

The graphical tool is quite self explanatory as to how to create the Live USB from the DVD. Below goes the Fedora hosted link for this application -">

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Hi ryan. i everytime blame fedora for not having gui for several commands. But you gui method to restore has surprised me . Thank you forr updating me

amod gravatar imageamod ( 2013-02-21 03:26:05 -0500 )edit

answered 2011-11-09 08:50:35 -0500

jfmchivall gravatar image

You can also use dd to copy the DVD iso to a USB stick.

dd if=/path/to/DVD.iso of=/dev/sdc

(change /dev/sdc to the correct device node for your usb stick)

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